domingo, janeiro 18, 2015

Inglaterra x Brasil

Policial Corrupto na Inglaterra sofre. Aqui no Brasil... Matéria do Daily Telegraph:

A policeman now serving a seven-year prison term for running a crime gang was caught after other police saw him come to work in a Ferrari worth $257,000. Osman Iqbal, 37, was a sergeant on a police team that responded to emergency calls in Kings Heath, Birmingham. Some of his fellow officers became suspicions when Iqbal showed up for work driving a Ferrari 458 supercar, the Telegraph said. An investigation by an anti-corruption team found evidence that he was "the lynchpin of a mob that ripped off those who ran brothels and peddled class A drugs in exclusive areas of London." He was sentenced to seven years in prison. Seven other members of his gang are also in prison. Iqbal pleaded guilty to managing a brothel, conspiracy to launder money, and conspiracy to possess Class A drugs. Last week he pleaded guilty to new charges. He admitted making unauthorized attempts to access police intelligence systems while serving with the West Midlands Police. He hasn't been sentenced yet for the new charges.


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